How to Flirt in Spanish with Someone – Learning Spanish Flirting

Learning to Spanish Flirting

Many people who have been traveling to Spain during their holidays have had a problem when flirting single men and women. However, with a special guide, you will learn on what to do whenever you are flirting with them. The following are some of the tips on how to flirt in Spanish.

Flirting and learning Spanish

1. Body language is key

In Spanish language, the notation of the words are often accompanied by the body language. You must be able to use gestures to explain yourself well when flirting with a girl or man in Spanish. In addition, you must be able to learn on how you can say these words well when flirting. For instance, Si fuera la Superman te en llevaría volando, del pero como no lo en soy te acompaño caminando that means If I was a superman I would definitely take you flying, however, since I am not I will walk you home.

When flirting, you must use your body language to stress the message that you would be saying for the other person. This definitely make the Spanish language very funny when flirting using it. With this, you will have an easy time flirting with a lady or man during your vacation in Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country.

How to Flirt in Spanish
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How to Flirt in Spanish

2. Learn on the personality fast

Personality of an individual often effects on whether you would go far when flirting with a lady or man in Spanish. You should be able to understand their reaction to things around when flirting faster if you want to continue with the flirts. During your flirting, you can say words such as Si la e belleza fuera delito, yo te en hubiera dado des cadena perpetua meaning if beauty was a serious crime, you would definitely be prison serving life sentence. The moment you say the first pic-up line, you should be able to tell their reaction before continuing if you need to have an easy time flirting.

3. Be respectful when flirting with the other partner

You must know the limits to reach when flirting in Spanish. You really do not want invade the privacy of the other person or look offensive when flirting. You should stay calm especially when having fun. This means you would have the conversation for long at the same time enjoying yourself during the vacation in Spain.

In conclusion, this is a guide on how to flirt in Spanish with someone during your vacation while making new friends together through flirting.





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